it's 2020!

Congratulations to Cyrus Mcwhorter on being called back to Japan to wrestle and train with Kaz Hayashi at the Wrestle-1 dojo in Shinjuku, Japan. His 1st show will be at Korakuen Hall on January 12, 2020. Click the press release for all the details of this accomplishment and more information about the Wrestle-1 Alliance.



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Wrestle-1 USA Dojo Tryouts.

And keep your eyes and ears open for our upcoming USA, CANADA, and UK Tryouts!

The Details

The Reason Why

Japanese Wrestling and the "strong style" associated with it have always been alluring to all professional wrestlers. In recent years, with fan interest in Japanese Professional Wrestling growing around the globe, more and more wrestlers have been seeking the opportunity to train and perform in the style.

Wrestle-1 is a premiere Japanese dojo presenting top-notch events, with historic talent.

Training Assessment & Tryout

Kaz Hayashi and Sonny Onoo will visit your home dojo to evaluate your professional wrestling talent. Everything from physical agility and character/gimmick to in-ring awareness and overall performance. Tryouts will last up to 8 hours depending on location, and will determine who will be offered the opportunity to travel to Wrestle-1 dojo in Shinjuku, Japan.

The tryout cost is $185, payable through our on-line sign-up.


FITE will provide each chosen wrestler with a 1-week scholarship for training, room and board at Wrestle-1 dojo in Shinjuku, Japan.

Airfare and extra-curricular activities will be covered by the wrestler. (Average airfare for 2019 "First Class" was $685)

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